President’s Message

Archbishop Dr. William Kimando – Th.D


I greet you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As the President of William Kimando International Ministries, I have had the privilege of seeing this organization grow from a local denomination to a global one.

We are registered as a Pentecostal Denomination in Canada, recognized to train, credential, and release Men and Women to advance the gospel.

Our mission is to give opportunities to those who want to pursue the calling in ministry. This we do by:

  1. Offering Spiritual covering for Pastors, Ministers, and Bishops
  2. Providing Legal and Spiritual covering for Ministries and Churches
  3. Conducting ordination of Ministers and Consecration of Bishops
  4. Providing Licenses and Charter Certificates
  5. Assistance regarding legal structure, by-laws, and tax information
  6. Recommend fund raising and Evangelism programs
  7. Church leaders and Ministers will be available to minister to the local congregations and bring outside wisdom to the body.

In addition, those who join our organization are able to create global networks and fellowship through, International Ministers Conference, International Bishops Conference and  Conclave, Annual Ladies Conference, Regional Conventions, Fellowship Meetings, and Seminars and Workshops.

Through our affiliate College, Shiloh College, our members are able to pursue the studies.

If you have not found a covering, why not join William Kimando International Ministries and experience ministry in another dimension?

Contact us today.

Yours in His Service

Bishop Dr. William Kimando