Joint Canadian College of Evangelical Bishops is an Association of Global Independent Ordained Ministers, Ministries and Churches with a vision to encourage and help called Men and Women of God to fulfill their mandate. More Shiloh College is registered in Toronto Canada with the approval of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Private Career Colleges Branch under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.
Shiloh College is registered in North America, Europe and Africa with several Satellite Campuses. More
Global Association of Certified Pastoral Counselors (GACPC) is a Federal registered corporation in Canada.
GACPC recognize that we are living in a time where more questions are arising without adequate solutions. People in and outside the church are desperate for answers. Mental health is spreading like wildfire. Church ministers are not exempted either; dealing with church members and their families, at time it feels like running in circles. But through the trained and credentialed Christian Counselors at GACPC, many are finding biblical answers that are transforming their lives……More
College of Canada was established under Canada Federal Letters Patent. We offer cutting-edge programs in management that equip our students with professional skills that give them competitive advantage in their field.