Our Services

Installation of our Archbishop

Benefits for Churches:

  1. Spiritual covering for Pastors, Ministers, and Bishops
  2. Legal and Spiritual covering for Ministries and Churches
  3. Ordination of Ministers and Consecration of Bishops
  4. Licenses and Charter Certificates
  5. Fellowship Functions:  РInternational Ministers Conference, International Bishops Conference and  Conclave, Annual Ladies Conference, Regional Conventions, Fellowship Meetings, and Seminars and Workshops
  6. Bible College Courses through Shiloh Bible Institute & Seminary
  7. Assistance regarding legal structure, by-laws, and tax information
  8. Recommended fund raising and Evangelism programs
  9. Churches will be able to receive guidance from the Pastor and the Board.
  10. Church leaders and Ministers will be available to minister to the local congregations and bring outside wisdom to the body.